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Emmanuel is connected to the world-wide Anglican communion through our Diocese, the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, and the Province of the Anglican Church in North America.

In accordance with the Church Constitution of Emmanuel, the Church Council, who are elected annually by the congregation, have responsibility for oversight of the following:

The church council, which consists  of two wardens and four church council members, all of whom shall constitute the  board of the trustees of this unincorporated association, conducts all of the  business of the church, except that the church council may  delegate certain duties to persons, commissions or committees.

In public service of the parish, the church council professes Jesus Christ as their  Lord and Savior and subscribes to the governing theological principles of the parish  as set forth in the preamble of the constitution.

The church council shall be responsible for the temporal and financial affairs of the  parish.

The rector, in consultation with the wardens and the church council, gives spiritual oversight and leadership for the overall direction of the church.

The 2017 Church Council

Rector Jim Salladin
Senior Warden Ed Clow
Junior Warden Brooke Mackin
Treasurer Carol McCormick
Iain Atkinson
Rebecca Au

Any of the Wardens or Council can be contacted through the church office.


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Jim Salladin


Amy Clow

Children & Family Director

Josh Mackin

Church Administrator
(646) 770-3202

Amber Salladin

Interim Music Director